How to say “Happy new Year” in Romanian

How to say “Happy new Year” in Romanian

This one’s easier: Un an nou fericit! (Is it really easier?)

You can also follow it with a greeting that’s normally used during one’s birthday: La multi ani! (which basically means “live many years”!).

So if you want to really impress, you can say: Un an nou fericit si la multi ani! The same goes if you want to go for another tongue twisting swirl.

If you want to keep things a bit more neutral and not jump into the Christmas spirit, you can always say “Sărbători fericite” which means “Happy holidays“.

Unlike in other places where such a wish is made to ensure nobody is offended (for example, if they don’t celebrate Christmas), in Romania it usually covers all the winter holidays.

I haven’t met a single Romanian not to celebrate Christmas, even less so get offended if you wish them a Merry Christmas, so no real need to go for “Sarbatori fericite”.

Happy new Year 22 Romanian

Here are some more winter and holiday-related words in Romanian:

– snow: zapada
– It’s snowing: ninge
– Santa Claus: Mos Craciun
– Mulled Wine: Vin fiert (can’t have a winter without it)
– I’m getting tipsy: Ma ametesc (just in case)
– I’m cold: Imi este frig
– I’m happy: Sunt fericit
– Christmas: Craciun (I’m sure you had this figured out already)
– I love Christmas: Iubesc Craciunul
– Christmas carols: Colinde de Craciun
– Christmas tree: Brad de Craciun

And this would be it in terms of Christmasy-words. Did I miss any? Let me know in the comment section below and I’ll gladly translate them for you.

And, of course, Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year! Yes, Romania is not yet part of the “politically correct” revolution and we wish everybody a merry Christmas, not happy winter holidays or anything like that.

When it comes to Christmas in Romania, if you want more than greetings, you should know that it is customary to offer gifts to your loved ones, as well as friends and even colleagues at work. For the latter, don’t go overboard: just get something small and nice, but not expensive.

Santa Claus usually arrives on the 24th in the evening (before kids go to bed), but in some cases, if the family accepts it, the gifts can be found on the 25th in the morning, under the Christmas tree.

We don’t have the tradition of giving Christmas cards (although nobody is upset if they receive one), nor to leave milk and cookies for Santa.

Also, the Christmas stockings are not a tradition here in Romania, so expect most gifts to come in boxes or bags and the stockings to be found… nowhere.

All in all, it doesn’t really matter how you celebrate Christmas and enjoy the winter holidays as long as you do. It’s easy to adapt and most important is, in my opinion, to welcome them all with an open heart.

And now you can even make an impression as you know how to say Merry Christmas in Romanian, as well as how to wish somebody A Happy New Year in Romanian!

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